02 December 2008

SAT-SURFING in Vietnam

After the successful workshop carried out in Thailand at the AIT (see previous post), the tutoring activities continued on 24 and 25 November in the framework of the PROGENY project, introducing SAT-SURF and SAT-SURFER tools also in Vietnam. A second seminar, hosted at the Hanoi University of Technology (HUT), has been organized thanks to the cooperation between the ISMB and Prof. Nguyen Thi Hoang Lan, Dr. Ngo Hong Son and other hard working people of HUT. The two day seminar has been managed by two members of the NavSAS Group (Fabrizio Dominici e Davide Margaria) and it included a presentation of background, features, and potential applications of these educational tools. Attending such a workshop, the students of HUT had the opportunity to face real measurements on GNSS signals, understanding the most important receiver performance parameters through extended practical exercises and open question sessions.

In spite of the short time allocated to the workshop, it has been a successful initiative, achieving all its initial objectives. In fact, the students had the opportunity to see and to try on their desks all the potentialities of both SAT-SURF and SAT-SURFER, stimulating their interest on GNSS technologies. Very positive feedbacks have been obtained from the students, who would like to spend more time using these tools. In addition, some interesting suggestions and ideas for future developments have been collected.

We hope that SAT-SURF and SAT-SURFER could be a first step in the “ocean” of GNSS signals for many other students in the World!