12 June 2009

NavSAS on the Skyspark

NavSAS is involved in the SkySpark adventure! The goal of the SkySpark project is to design and build a complete “ecological” aircraft. All systems will be entirely electrically powered in order to set a new world record (the aircraft will fly over 500 km at an average speed of 300 km/h).
(In the photo Maurizio Cheli, former astronaut and Eurofighter pilot, and Khalid Charqane, NavSAS researcher).

On 12 June,
the pilot Maurizio Cheli managed to fly during 8 mn reaching a top speed of 250 km/h, a world record. The Pioneer Alpi 300 is powered by a 75-kW electric motor using brushless technology and lithium polymer batteries. The team will now focus on the next goal: the hydrogen fuel cells powered engine.

NavSAS joined the project with its mapper device, providing a real 3 dimensional mapping of the SkySpark. In the following video you can see the test flight of the SkySpark in 3D trough a Google Earth layer.