22 November 2008

PROGENY Pilot Project in Thailand

On November 21-22, Fabrizio Dominici and Davide Margaria presented the SAT-SURF & SAT-SURFER solution at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) of Bangkok. The two days workshop was carried out under the Progeny project (funded by the European GNSS Supervisory Authorithy) and organized by ISMB and AIT with the support of Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi and Prof. Kiyoshi Honda. The seminar has been attended by 45 students from AIT.

DAY 1: The day started with an introduction of the NavSAS Group research activities. In particular it has been showed the background for the SAT-SURF & SURFER realization, providing also an overview of the NAVKIT. Moreover in the morning the presentation included details about architecture, functionalities and application fields for both the hardware and software platforms (SAT-SURF & SAT-SURFER). The morning session has been concluded with the setup and configuration of the demonstration platform with a quick view of the main features previously described. In the afternoon it has been faced the first data collections and the solution of some exercises provided with SAT-SURFER.

DAY 2: The exercise session has been concluded in the second day proposing additional exercises and providing the solutions. The students have been also assisted for the setup and configuration of the educational platform on their PC. The seminar ended with a fill out of the tutorial evaluation questionnaires and an open question session for deepening on SAT-SURF & SAT- SURFER.

We hope that the positive feedbacks and the useful suggestions received by the students can feed the discussion on this blog and help to learn how to practically SURF with GNSS!!!