06 March 2008

Location-Based Gaming: is that a market for Galileo and GPS?

Since the decision to set up the Galileo Programme much attention has been dedicated to the evaluation of potential new markets for satellite navigation. Also the latest call for proposal issued by the GSA (Galileo Supervisory Authority) has been clearly focused on mass-market applications (the call closed on February the 29th, 2008). Apart the well known applications like tracking&tracing, fleet management, road pricing and many other do you think the Location-Based Gaming can become a business opportunity?
A LBG (Location-Based Game) or LEG (Location-Enabled Game) is one in which the game evolves and progresses on the basis of player's location. Thus, location-based games almost always support some kind of positioning technology like GNSS (but not only).
Would you please help us in understanding the potential market? Can you contribute with some LBG examples (web sites) or ideas to be implemented?

Here is one famous LBG named Pac-Manhattan (see http://www.pacmanhattan.com)