01 December 2011

European Commission supports Galileo Programme

A press release from the European Commission confirms that Europe will try to fund the Galileo and EGNOS systems in the next years.

Brussels, 30 November 2011 – The European Commission has proposed today the new framework for the financing and governance of the two European satellite navigation programmes Galileo and EGNOS (GPS signal augmentation) for the period 2014-2020. The Commission proposes to earmark €7.0 billions to guarantee the completion of the EU satellite navigation infrastructure and to ensure the exploitation of the systems until 2020, such as the operations of the space and terrestrial infrastructures, the necessary replenishment/replacement activities, certification procedures, and notably the provision of services. The proposal also recalls that the Union remains the owner of the systems. Therefore the management of the programmes' exploitation should be delegated to the European GNSS Agency while management of the programmes' deployment should be delegated to the European Space Agency.

Vice President Antonio Tajani, responsible for industry and entrepreneurship said: “A lot has been achieved by both Galileo and EGNOS. Looking to the bright future ahead the key message of financial stability for these flagship programmes is of paramount importance so that European industry and citizens can reap all their benefits. Both Galileo and EGNOS are strongly contributing to our industrial competiveness and innovation in key sectors with great economic potential. The increase of our know-how satellite navigation technology and service will significantly support European industry in these difficult times.”

General information on Galileo, see MEMO/11/717