02 April 2009

Prof. Jade Morton gave a lecture to the NavSAS

On 1st of April, Prof. Jade Morton gave a lecture to the NavSAS lab , to the Master on Navigation and the Politecnico di Torino students: "Recent Research Activities in Position, Location, and Navigation at Miami University."

Dr. Jade Morton is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Pincipal Investigator of the Signal Processing and Navigation Laboratory at Miami University in Ohio, USA.
The presentation outlined some of the recent research efforts in achieving high accuracy and high sensitivity GPS performances and non-GPS based sensor technologies for position and navigation applications at Miami University. In particular, Prof. Morton highlighted several example projects including assessment of higher order ionosphere errors, short delay time GPS multipath detection, GPS and ultra-wideband OFDM signal co-existance, and a few student-initiated navigation sensor integration projects.