18 December 2008

NaVSAS presents the Paths Project

NavSAS presented the Paths Project funded by Alcotra, a European project dedicated to the Alpine regions. The aim of the project is to develop a new and cheap way to map mountain paths with a relevant accuracy. The project uses commercial GPS receivers and an user-friendly interface. Usually, GPS facilities for high-precision mapping are expensive and they require trained staff.

High-reliable GPS trails of mountain pathways are fundamental to creat a public land register. The kwoledge of those paths is a resource both for the economic growht of the alpine areas and for a better management of the emergences.

The Low-Cost Mobile Mapper prototype, developed by the NavSAS Group, should cost about 200€ but provides high performances. The system uses both wi-fi and professional VHF radio to send the raw GPS data to a local element. Then, the data are post-processed to make a high-reliable GPS trail.

The test succeeded. The NavSAS mapper made a GPS trail in real time. In every moment the Mappers were connected to a master control station via VHF. Their position was viewable on a GIS cartography tool. The test was particularly hard because the mountains in Piedmont were hit by severe snowstorms in these days!

The Paths Project uses a rugged PDA to display pieces information and positioning. This kind of device is perfect both for tourists and for the mappers. Thanks to the NavSAS prototype, local institutions can map mountain paths with a low cost but high precise GPS mapper. In particular, the mapper is easy to use, so even volunteers or not trained personnel can use it.

For more informations contact us at info@navsas.eu