01 December 2008

The NAVKIT education tool on the UNOOSA website

From today, the NAVKIT education tool is listed in the Education Resources links of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs website.

The NAVKIT tool is the Education Kit foreseen as output of the WP4200 of the “Education Research and Innovation in Galileo – ERIG” Project, funded by the Galileo Supervisory Authority (GSA) through the 6th Research Framework Programme (FP6) – 3rd Call. NAVKIT is a first step into the world of satellite navigation. It has been designed to be a self-consistent tool for engineers or technicians not already trained in navigation topics. Therefore, a technical/scientific approach has been adopted. Topics are presented with a tutorial approach. Inessential technicalities or mathematical proofs are omitted.
Today, NAVKIT contains a single unit: Basics of Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

The NAVKIT is available on the NavSAS website: www.navsas.eu