09 December 2008

ICG 2008: 9th of December

Dr. Luigi Bragagnini, Director of Consortium Torino Time - Italy and member of the NaVSAS Group, presented the European Project Harrison at the ICG 2008.

"The Harrison project is aimed at studying the value added by Galileo in Time and Synchronization applications and at defining the requirements for the design and the provision of advanced services in this field. The study analyses the Time user community needs and identifies the applications and services that need a precise time reference for event synchronisation and time event recording. The User communities taken into consideration include Scientific Applications, Astronomy and Quantum Cryptography, Financial and Banking, Railways, Energy and Power, Mobile communications, Data Network Security and Synchronisation. The project investigates also the aspects related to the legal time, the user needs of an authenticated and certified time distributed via GNSS and the possible implementations. Pilot projects that use the Authenticated and Certified Time Solution for field demonstrations are also foreseen by the project. The Timing application Market Analysis is also performed."