29 September 2008

"Big three agree to agree"

At the last Institute of Navigation (ION) conference in Savannah (Georgia, USA), the "Big Three" of satellite navigation technology pledged more international co-operation, said the news on the GSA website. Who are the "Big Three"? USA with GPS, Russia with GLONASS and EU with Galileo. China could be the fourth with its Compass.. maybe..

"The common theme for all of the speakers was achieving compatibility and interoperability among future GNSS. "When it comes to navigation, GPS is likely to go down in history as the most important invention since the compass," said Grimes. "Of course, GPS does not satisfy every positioning, navigation, and timing [PNT] need. Using GPS in concert with other GNSS and PNT services and technologies requires a stable foundation of policies and performance standards built on a sound architecture. All these new satellite navigation systems will need to make sure they can interoperate."".