03 July 2008

Galileo procurement tender opened on 1st July!

European Space Agency and the European GNSS Supervisory Authority published the Galileo procurement tender on 1st July! As it was said in the last communications, the 2007-2013 budget available is about €3.4 bn. The procurement is both for the space and the ground segments. ESA says that Galileo should be operational in 2013: "The overall programme objective for Galileo is the deployment, by 2013, of a European navigation system providing five main services, namely the Open Service, the Safety of Life Service, the Commercial Service, the Public Regulated Service, and the Search and Rescue Service." The procurement is available at this link. On the GSA website it is underlined that: "The procurement tender includes infrastructure and management items and will be carried out by ESA in its role as delegated procurement agent, working closely with the European Commission, as contracting authority.".
2008 is becoming a great year for the European satellite navigation: GioveB operational, the Galileo procurement.. Finally something moves!