30 June 2008

May be Galileo partially US made?

Some days ago Inside GNSS reported a very interesting news. The title is "Air Force Tanker Controversy May Influence Galileo Competition". The news said that Boeing, maybe, could be interested in building some Galileo satellite, in particular "an interest that has probably grown in the wake of the company’s recent loss in the competition for the GPS IIIA contract.". Inside GNSS quoted the new EU regulation on Galileo components that "allows European companies to rely on non-European sources for certain components and services in case of “demonstrated substantial advantages in terms of quality and costs, taking account of the strategic nature of the European GNSS programs and of the EU security and export control requirements.”". Inside GNSS quoted an article from the German business newspaper Handelsblatt.
The Galileo procurement should be published soon.. What will happen? Boeing will make an offer to build the "european" satellites? What will be the EADS role?